Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol
This will be my first bad review ever, the Game stinks, I know it sounds harsh but it’s true,
the Game play isn’t that great and for a Espionage game it’s not that great, now when you think about Espionage games you would expect some good controls and movement, after playing for a couple of hours I got tired and bored.
The computer hacking system is ok, it required you to have good control and keen eye on the screen to get it working, and this can also be a strain on the eye as you look at the numbers and letters flicker until you find a stationary one that matches your code. The response can be very slow while moving to the code.
The controls aren’t that great and restricted; think of Splinter cell, when sneaking around you can nicely aim and take out an enemy, the aiming system on Alpha protocol isn’t that great and looks like something that was thrown in at the last minute.
The movement of the player is also restricted and you don’t have the function of doing all those moves that you get in most Espionage games. Which was let down.
The weapons list isn’t bad and I will admit you get some nice choices if you have enough money to unlock them.
The Graphics isn’t that bad and is ok; in fact it’s mostly one of the pros of the game with the weapons list.
Normally I would say something like how I would recommend this game to you guys, in this case, don’t buy it, Rent it first before buying it as you will be kicking yourself in the right side after you buy it and then find it’s not that great to play.