Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2
Finally a crackdown 2 demo has been released on the Xbox market place (30Min play time),
the Game isn’t that impressive from what I have seen in the demo, Crackdown was a great game to play, go around blow shit up and generally have some fun, they did kind of kill the first one by making it so the update didn’t just allow you to spawn the bad guys to use as target practice but return you to the start (minus you not losing your new weapons and skills) hopefully it won’t happen with this crackdown and after you finish it they don’t implement the same rule, which to be frank ruined it for me on the first game.
Enough about the first Crackdown game and let’s get some dirt on the second one,
The game play is ok so far, the controls aren’t hard to master and only takes a couple of seconds to learn to use, the auto targeting can be annoying though as it will auto target any red object closest to the sight, so if you have a car and an enemy firing at you, and you want to focus your fire, chances are you will focus on the car instead of the person shooting at you. For me that am the issue with the controls I have had, other than that they good.
The game uses the same skill system as the first one with the added extra skills which you have to catch, (kind of like cat and mouse) its set lose and you have to get to it to earn it, this as usual is split into speed, weapons skills and other essential boosts which allows you to get that edge over your foes in the game.
The Vehicles are great, if you are the type who liked to go around running the bad guys over in the first one, you will love the second one as at night you have some great targets on the road just to run over, and like the first as you kill more people with your car’s the more points you gain to improve your car skills.
In Crackdown 2 you are given a better selection of weapons to choose from which I must say are more impressive then the original ones, (then again the multiple rocket launcher to did pawn when it came to taking out multiple targets)
After playing the game for 30 min I am impressed at the game play and the brutality you can vent on the AI, you get to do full missions which only seem to be restricted by the demo time limit. If you have the time I would suggest you download this, it’s just over 1GB download.
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