Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell Conviction
In brief the story is about a Sam Fisher who was suppose to be retired being brought back into the world of assassinations and power play after finding out this his daughter whom he thought was dead is still alive and well.
now that he knows his daughter is alive he won’t stop at anything to find out the real reason behind her abduction and the hit and run incident which was suppose to have killed her,  while going through the story finding out some surprising things about his former employers and their new plans.
After completing this game in what seems to be close to 4 hours
the games very short, I have played both Novice and realistic which does give a good challenge in my opinion but not as much as I expected as its still easy to finish the game in a short period of time. the game is mostly stay in the shadows and does test your skills in avoiding direct conflict with the bad guys .
The controls are really simple and don’t require the user to use mad combinations to perform an action like previous Splinter Cell Games.
The Points system is a nice touch, complete and objective and does some fancy killing of your enemy and you are rewarded with couple hundred points. These points are given for different actions performed during the game and increase as you get even better at it.
Multiple kills, This is the sweetest part of the Game for me, perform a stealth kill on anyone and you are given the option to use assassinate which allows you to target paint up to 2-5 people (depending on weapon and slots available) and take them out simultaneously, great for taking out group of bad guys that are in your way to your objective.
The weapons are great in the game as you progress you pick up new weapons which you are able to upgrade by using points which can improve its damage to more assassination slots.
for example the M4, you can improve its damage , add a suppressor and the best part add extra slot for assassination.
The gear, now what would Splinter cell be without the good old remote camera, this little beauty has a nice surprise for the bad guys, distraction (plays a nice tune to get the bad guys to look the other way, to give you enough time to take them out) or better still self destruct to take out bad guys near to it. With the gear you also have new toys to play with EMP, which short circuits all electrical objects near to you, this weapon is perfect to take out the lights and give you that advantage of getting up close and personal with the bad guys and perform some nice stealth kills.
Online play, In this splinter cell you are given the option to team up with one of your friends or random person on live to complete mission objectives, I like this as it gives you something extra to do, you have arsenal of weapons and a new wardrobe at your disposal, which personally is a shame you can’t use on one player game.
Overall I like this game, the story line is simple and isn’t complicated and is straight forward.
The Gameplay is very simple and not in your face looks at all these functions. Back to basics in my opinion. And the weapons and equipment are great as they aren’t over the top.
The only issue I have with it is, it feels so short.
I would recommend this Game to other people as I have enjoyed it very much and its worth giving it a shot, even if you haven’t played any other splinter Cell game.
Gameplay Video (youtube)

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