Halo Reach Beta

Halo Reach Beta

Before I start this review I will have to admit I was sceptical about Halo Reach as I was very disappointed in Halo ODST but after playing the Beta of Halo Reach I am pretty much impressed with the new weapons and features that are added.
I will start off with Roles; this to me is a great feature and in the beta gives you 4 which you can choose from and use. These roles kind of remind me of Classes from Call of Duty where you can customise different classes for different mission types and maps to give you that extra advantage over the other side.
To me Halo Reach uses similar methods as each role has an advantage in the game areas and the game modes in the game.
You have couple Roles to choose from in the beta which are the following
Guard : which is sweet as it allows you to go into this fortified position which stops all forms of attack against you; This is good when you are low on health and are about to die as it gives that extra few moments to make your last stand against your foes.
while playing the Beta I have used this allot as I found it very useful for tight situations when I was out numbered and needed to do that suicide run into a heavily fortified area.

Scout: This is sweet for running around as it gives you that extra boost in speed, so it’s good for capture the flag where you want to go in and get out fast.
Not very impressive as its just boost in speed so for actual combat it’s not that great. It has its pros which are speed and you start off with a scoped weapon.

Airborne: this is sweet as it allows you to get to the area you want to get fast and efficiently. The only downside with this feature is if you’re hoping to get some kills while you zooming up to your destination, aiming your firearm and getting the kill are a pain as targeting is more shaky and unreliable.
Stealth: This is to me is the most impressive function as it allows you to go stealth for those couple of moments which allows you to get those sneaky up close and personal kills against your enemies.
the thing with stealth mode is the slower you walk the longer you will remain hidden from your enemies, so it’s not great when your enemies are a long distance away as your cloak won’t hold long enough for you to try and get their unnoticed so be prepared to open up some serious firepower as soon as your cloak goes down you will be visible to them.
Now to the new Toys, I can’t have a Review and not talk about the new Toys in Halo reach as that would be just unethical of me,
these weapons are bigger and Bader then the previous Halo game weapons.
They do more damage and look better when they do. Just a small list of new weapons and what I thought of them.
Plasma Launcher: This weapon is a beauty, just get a lock on your enemy and fire up to four shots that will trace and home into them for the ultimate kill. the impresive thing about this is that its fire and forget so after firing those shots even after being wiped out by someone else, those projectiles will still hit their targets.
Grenade Launcher: This weapon is perfect for the situation where you need that extra firepower and damage in a small area, nothing like shooting a grenade into that crowded room to get that nice multiple kill.
Needle Rifle: when I first saw this rifle I was impressed, I liked the Needler as a weapon and as it was and for me is still a formidable weapon of choice with its tracking abilities against targets and the damage it can inflict on them. The Needler is similar to its smaller counterpart and contains the explosive aspect of it with the added benefit of the range of a sniper, so on this weapon I bow down and say nice one to Bungie.
Now you are probably thinking is that all the new weapons that Bungie have just added to the Game? Well you will be happy to know there are far more weapons for you’re choosing and with that you also get nice choice of new vehicles to choose from to go on your way to cause mayhem and manic on the other team.
For more details visit Bungie website and take a look at the new toys.
Now after this playing this game i wouldnt think twice about asking someone else to try it out, now this is the beta and hopefully Bungie will make the real deal as impresive or even even more impresive to play.
at the end of the Day the Beta is great to play and i look forward to the release of the actual game.
if you have anythoughts on the game then feel free to share them on the GamingRev forums.
i look forward to seeing what others think of this game.


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