Eve Online

After playing eve online for over year I thought to my self why not write an article on it and share my experience of the Game.
Eve its self is made up of four different races  where players can choose to build their character around, each choice has benefits and has disentangles when it comes to creating the character you will be using during your stay in the game and the Bonuses you receive for your respective race,
Now before you go thinking great you’re stuck with race of ships, you’re able to branch out into other areas to use ships from different races.
this I found is a good thing as it means after you have trained your skills to the ships you need to fly to accomplish your tasks at hand, your able to branch out and try ship types of other races which sometimes only needs couple days or weeks training depending on the class of ship you want.
When I first started Eve online I didn’t really know much as I jumped straight into the game and ignored the tutorials, I will stress this is a BIG mistake as the tutorials can be very valuable as it teaches you most the things you will need to progress and make your way in the game.
An example of this can be Skill Books; you also get cool items in the tutorials as you complete the missions.
In eve to get anywhere in the game you need to put in allot of time or little time as it takes time to build your character up to be more productive and be able to expand in more areas as you train more skills,
Now you are probably thinking what’s the point in putting time in the game when you can just pay a subscription and just log in now and then just to train your player.
Skill Books cost ISK so you need to grind away to earn the ISK to buy new skills to train.
Also as much as eve is a skill based game it’s also based on the player skills and requires a user to be able to make smart decisions and know what he or she is doing, something which is learnt through the game while grinding away to make ones mark on the Game.
My first goal when I entered the game, befriend as many people as possible and get as much advice as possible, by doing this I was able to find some helpful people who showed me some good tips which speeded up my skill training and helped me progress my character in the right direction.
This does come with a RISK, as much as there are those that will help you.
You will also find those that will try and take you for a fool and bleed you dry since Scamming is aloud in the game, (only in game items) you will find scammers in allot of places, the largest scammer hub would be Jita where local wall is awash with scams. So if you ever do decide to play keep your wits about and be vigilant as if it’s too good to be true then it’s too good to be true and it’s a SCAM.

Unlike other online games where you control your player or ship and its direction, eve is limited in that aspect as you don’t have full control of your ship and how it moves; each move is done using your keyboard and mouse by giving instructions to your ship.
Even with the limitations the control on eve are very simple and doesn’t take a genius to figure out as its all self explanatory and all the functions can be activated with short cut keys or just using mouse commands.
Now while flying your ship around you should also be wary of the systems that you enter as eve has different classes of systems ranging from 0.0-1.0 (0.5-1.0 being safe, but the lower the number goes the slower response you will get from concord which is basically like the police but can magically appear out of nowhere and can destroy you in seconds. You can’t run from concord.)
0.0-0.4 people can attack you anywhere and concord won’t come to your rescue, so be warned about venturing to low sec until you have enough experience or at least in a corporation who will show you the ropes in low sec.
Now before you go off thinking to yourself you will be safe in high sec (0.5 and above) no system in eve is safe as you will have suicidal players who attack others in high sec as it’s profitable for them to take you out. Don’t fall for Bait traps in High sec, (if you see a yellow Can leave it alone) you take something that belongs to some else they will have fire free, so they can blow you sky high without any repercussions.  So watch out for these Traps.
The eve online forums can also be an asset to players as you can keep up-to-date with the current events and if anything major is happening and the players on the forum can be helpful as well as complete tools, so it’s a mix of people on there.
Those that is helpful and good to talk to.
Those that are complete assholes and well someone you wouldn’t really want to see face to face.

At the end of the Day I would always recommend playing this Game as it can be a blast and you get to meet some interesting people and you don’t know maybe make some friends in other countries.

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