Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13
Released 09/03/2010

Final fantasy 13 was the most hyped and anticipated Game in 2010
selling more than 4Million copies worldwide.

Unlike previous Final Fantasy Games which were just solely for the Sony Playstion,
final Fantasy 13 also found reception in the hands of Xbox 360 Gamers with also the added benefit of the 250GB limited edition console which came bundled with the Normal Game and free Limited edition Faceplate.

The only issue with the Xbox 360 versions is it is 4 discs and the graphics is limited unlike the play station 3 version which is one disk and has a higher resolution.
none the less the game has been warmly accepted by both gaming communities and infuriated the playstation fan boys who think that final fantasy 13 should have been a playstation game, (tough luck there)
Sadly for us gamers in Europe and US we have again been left out again from the limited edition playstation 3 console which was just launched in Japan.
Square Enix did release a limited edition Game for 360 and PS3 owners which came packaged with the Game, Art book and Picture cards and Music cancelation CD. (Which is very basic in my opinion?)

Depending on where someone pre-ordered their Game,
HMV were giving away large images as Game was giving out postcards with their pre-orders.

Xbox 360 users were also given gamer pictures in their limited edition versions.

Its been over a Month since its been released so i would love to see the views from my fellow gamers who have finished this game or are in the process of finishing this game.

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