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Skyrim Mods: Why they are Essential

Hello again internet people! I am here to be the beacon of hope in this website ocean of cock-sucking mediocrity. I, the alpha writer, have flown down on my golden platypus to read aloud my thoughts on gaming and why […]

Too Little, Too Late- An Examination of Late DLC

Downloadable content (DLC) has been one the most important marketing tools this console generation in order to keep gamers, well gaming. Whether it is map packs, multiplayer, single-player, or something as measly as additional weapons and costumes, DLC  has kept […]

Skyrim – You make me wanna shout…

Cheesy title I know, but a joke well made. Shouting is a fundamental part of Bethesda’s latest romp through the lands of Tamriel. For those of you familiar with the series, you will be aware of where this game takes […]