The Best of 2011, part 1.

  As the New Years passes, I have started deflating following a Christmas of stuffing my face with Skyrim deliciousness beside the delicious King of Roast dinners, the Christmas dinner. Casting unwanted toys aside I thought it apt to remember what 2011 brought us to our gaming world and much like Christmas, I will only… Continue Reading The Best of 2011, part 1.

September,October,November…Best months ever?

September, October, November…Best months ever? Games over the past few years, have the occasional mouth watering release. But from September, could this be the best 3 months of releases ever?! Let’s take it back to where it all started. The release of “Dead Island”, following its  utterly lip smacking trailer, had us feeling like this… Continue Reading September,October,November…Best months ever?