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flOw (2007)

I will be frank here, I had never heard of Flow until I got it with my Journey game package, I read a little bit about it before starting and I thought, Gee whizz! I get to play as bacteria! But, […]

Game Catridges VS Digital Downloads

I decided to write this article since it is something I have been mulling over in my head and games seem to be becoming more digital than ever before. I personally prefer physical cartridges because you can actually feel it […]

Enchanted Arms

Enchanted Arms. Published by Ubisoft on 08 September 2006 Developed by FromSoftware Inc Platform: Xbox 360 Genre: Role-Playing   I’ve Seen this Before somewhere… The story goes that over a thousand years ago, war broke out. No-One alive today knows […]

The Best of 2011, part 1.

  As the New Years passes, I have started deflating following a Christmas of stuffing my face with Skyrim deliciousness beside the delicious King of Roast dinners, the Christmas dinner. Casting unwanted toys aside I thought it apt to remember […]

Assassin's Creed

With the New Year in motion, and after buying a Xbox 360 seven years after its release, I felt like reviewing something unexpected to start off my desire to write this year. Though it took some deliberating, I eventually decided […]