Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 60FPS PC gamers have been given a sneak preview of what is to come on the 14th of April with a 60FPS trailer of the award winning game Grand theft Auto 5 Looking at the trailer I can imagine that the hearts of many PC gamers skipped a beat when they realised that… Continue Reading Grand Theft Auto 5

Antagonism: Writing a Character to Kill

What makes you want to tear a characters tear ducts out and make him wear their small intestine as a bow while you let the children of the village play stick-ball with his liver? Good writing but more directly that the character has harmed the player in some way; and if that character has harmed… Continue Reading Antagonism: Writing a Character to Kill

South Park Stick Of Truth

Welcome to South Park, Not your average town in Colorado If you are a Fan of South Park and the TV series which has been running for over a decade now then you will love this game as it brings in the crude and boarder line racist humor from the TV series once again to… Continue Reading South Park Stick Of Truth