Batman Arkham Knight

Before I had purchased Batman Arkham Knight I had decided I wouldn’t read any reviews or warnings about the PC version of Batman and how badly it was ported over. In brief I have just upgraded my Rig so I could play GTA and other games in glorious 60FPS and just bath in the graphics… Continue Reading Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham City Gets New DLC And GOTY Edition

Fans of Rocksteady’s epic masterpiece Arkham City got not one but two doses of good news this morning with the announcement of the Arkham City GOTY Edition.   Not only will the GOTY Edition include the original game as well as all previously available DLC (Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin character packs as well as the… Continue Reading Arkham City Gets New DLC And GOTY Edition

September,October,November…Best months ever?

September, October, November…Best months ever? Games over the past few years, have the occasional mouth watering release. But from September, could this be the best 3 months of releases ever?! Let’s take it back to where it all started. The release of “Dead Island”, following its  utterly lip smacking trailer, had us feeling like this… Continue Reading September,October,November…Best months ever?