The Miskatonic: Shut Up and Take My Money

The Miskatonic (not to be confused with abandonware of the same name) is an upcoming 2D point and click adventure game (additionally purported by the developers as being a visual novel) set in the Lovecraftian universe. The project is under development by newly formed team ‘Rapscallion Games’ consisting of Sythra4, who is the lead developer… Continue Reading The Miskatonic: Shut Up and Take My Money

Goetia: Shut Up and Take My Money

Shut Up and Take My Money is an article series that showcases games currently in development. It aims to raise awareness about games that might go under the radar and to let you, the reader, know who the developers are and what they’re planning. The first in the series is Goetia, an indie adventure game… Continue Reading Goetia: Shut Up and Take My Money

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons- Brothers 'til the end

  There is a beautiful and sad charm to the fantasy world of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It is a wonderfully crafted landscape, with expansive mountains and forest trails that lead to unexplored fluorescent caverns. Yet behind these charming landscapes lies a civilization of giants ravaged by war, and two, small, brothers on… Continue Reading Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons- Brothers 'til the end

Fable III

  Here is my review of Fable 3 brought to you by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Windows Fable 3 Trailer Ok…where to start. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t very impressed with it.  If you’ve played the first two then you’ve basically played the third one too. The story was a bland rehash… Continue Reading Fable III

Dead Island

    Zombie fans, your day has come! Finally a game that does the zombie genre justice… friends I am talking about Dead Island developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver. This game has everything a zombie bashing lover could ever hope for. A rich story line that takes you into the heart of… Continue Reading Dead Island