Enchanted Arms

Enchanted Arms. Published by Ubisoft on 08 September 2006 Developed by FromSoftware Inc Platform: Xbox 360 Genre: Role-Playing   I’ve Seen this Before somewhere… The story goes that over a thousand years ago, war broke out. No-One alive today knows why it begin, or what it was about. (probably due to civilization as they knew… Continue Reading Enchanted Arms

Fantastic four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Published by Take 2 Interactive on 15 June 2007 Developed by Visual Concepts Platform: Xbox 360 Genre: Action   Right, so for my very first review on this site I shall begin with my least favourite type of game…   …Movie tie-ins.   I’ve played quite a few movie titles before, (Enter the Matrix, Blade… Continue Reading Fantastic four: Rise of the Silver Surfer