Law & Order: Legacies – Episode 1: Revenge

I’m not a standing fan of Law and Order or any of its spinoffs.  Its long history and familiar premise has never really clicked with me.  In fact, I resorted to Wikipedia research to gain enough insight on the characters and setup to prepare myself for the experience. That said, the experience itself wasn’t half… Continue Reading Law & Order: Legacies – Episode 1: Revenge

News on Hitman: Absolution

As many know, the last title to grace the Hitman series was Blood Money, back in 2006.  If publisher Square Enix and developer IO Interactive have anything to say about it, though, that will change next year with the release of the newest iteration, Hitman: Absolution. To highlight the importance of Agent 47’s latest assignment,… Continue Reading News on Hitman: Absolution