Gamingrev Rising From The Ashes

GamingRev 2015 Competition

GamingRev 2015 Competition Thought I would make things a lot more interesting Prizes have increased and will be far Better Prize One Evolve on Console of Winners Choice Prize Two Evil Within Steam Key Prize Three 3 games on steam […]

Dying Light First Impressions

Techland’s latest and greatest zombie game Dying Light released last Tuesday on January 27th, 2015. I was astounded to see the similarities between this game and Techlands’s Dead Island. Although the games are similar, Dying Light is far more superior. The […]

My Introduction

Dear Gamers of the world, my name is Jack “Naxxus” Harrison and I am here to tell you of what my plans are with article releases this year. I want to make sure you know what articles to expect from […]

Saira: The Follow up of The Ring

Hi again, this is Wizard, giving you a follow up on my review of Saira. I didn’t say everything I wanted to in my review, like some of the reasoning, so I decided a follow up was the best idea. First […]