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Hyrule Warriors-Perfect Co-op for Tiny Gamers

I have the little sibling problem, and anyone with sisters and brothers probably already see where I’m going with this. You are having a great time, curb stomping levels left and right, making light work of bosses, looting so many […]

New Nintendo 3DS XL Coming Up!

Revamped 3DS XL to be launched in the U.S. Feb. 13thFrom:             Nintendo has announced their new 3DS handheld system. This system has been said to release on February 13, 2015 for the United States. What makes this system […]

Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea is the debut commercial release of British indie developer Failbetter Games, who developed ‘the storynexus’, a toolkit for aspiring writers to create their own adventures. Through it they brought us Fallen London: a free to play, text-based browser game with an emphasis […]

Battlefield Hardline Beta

Battlefield Hardline is a very unique game. With the changes of the “cop vs robber” aspect, this game has the potential of being the best battlefield yet. During this beta you have access to three game types, all multiplayer. The […]

The Crew Review

The reason i’m so behind on talking about Ubisoft’s open world racer is because i waited to purchase it due to the fear that it wouldn’t hold up to the extremely high standards that ubisoft makes for itself, And for […]