Square Enix released back in December on their Twitter account; an announcement from the team working on the long awaited title Final Fantasy XV.A future event for the title, will be shown of March 2016; which will finally reveal the release date for Final Fantasy XV.As we know of at the moment Final Fantasy XV has no confirmation on an actual release date yet, but however has a release window for 2016. Even though we do not know when Final Fantasy XV will be released. We have actually obtained large amounts of information about the game. Square Enix has been showing live Active Time ReportsRead More →

Usually during the first few months of the year, game releases can be slow and for most gamers, it’s a time period of clearing out the backlog from previous years, or leaving your consoles to collect dust. If you’re concerned that this might be the case yet again, this list might help change that.   February 2nd – Gravity Rush Remastered (PS4)   It’s no secret that the Playstation Vita hasn’t sold well or managed to attract much of an audience. It’s also no secret that the Playstation 4 is the polar opposite of it’s handheld counterpart, which is why a re-release of Sony’s criticallyRead More →