With Rise of the Tomb Raider hitting shelves in this year’s fourth quarter, I thought that it would be fitting to revisit Crystal Dynamic’s 2013 title, Tomb Raider. As a reboot of the series, this game was designed with the intention to explore Lara Croft’s origins as well as her ascent to the fully fledged warrior that we’ve come to know and love. Quickly, the game immerses you with the exploration ship that Lara is aboard crashing on a remote island. She is almost immediately captured and dangled from the ceiling of a cave by an unknown group of men, creating a sense of urgencyRead More →

After fighting my way through a treacherous mountain pass, I have finally made it to the clearing that harbors The Breach, a massive, glowing, green ‘rift’ that looms before me, spelling danger to anyone who dares approach it. To my left and my right, faithful inquisition soldiers fall to the monstrous ‘Pride Demon’ that stands before me, its grating laughter a clear insult. A lone objective flashes on the screen: Close the breach. This is but one of the many atmospheres that Dragon Age: Inquisition masterfully crafts. Anybody who calls them self a fan of the RPG genre has surely heard of the Dragon ageRead More →