At the age of seven, gaming was very much something that held a sense of wonder and enchantment for me, and I guess not much has changed over the past twenty-odd (plus a few…) years. It took a long, hard think to come to a final decision on what I’d call my first favourite game, because there are just so many to choose from. I had a list, and not just any old list, there were about 15 games on it that I played fervently throughout much of my childhood. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t talk about every one of them now – we’d beRead More →

GamingRev 2015 Competition Thought I would make things a lot more interesting Prizes have increased and will be far Better Prize One Evolve on Console of Winners Choice Prize Two Evil Within Steam Key Prize Three 3 games on steam (arcade, smaller studio games) How to enter, to make things a lot more interesting and to kind of reward people for visiting gamingrev Every Week I am going to Put a 4 Digit code in an article which has been written the previous week all together there will be 8 Codes For example week 1 Article 1 Contents of article End of Article Code *1*Read More →