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Last night, I sat down with a cold beer and thought to myself, I might play Flower and see what all the fuss is. I was in the mindset that playing a game where you are a flower might be a little dull. Folks, I was […]

Heavy Rain: PS3

HEAVY RAIN: (2010) PS3 STORY:  Heavy Rain is a immersive and gripping game with an original storyline. The main thing is: How far would you go to save the one you love?   The game starts off fairly normal: family […]

Persona 4 Arena Review

    Persona 4 Arena Review (PS3 or XBOX). I got the PS3 version.   STORY: First impressions: I bought this game since I like the style of the Persona games, recently got into them! Was deeply disappointed with this […]

Payday 2 Part one

Payday 2 Part one In a few weeks time Payday 2 shall be hitting our screens with a big and controversial impact as it did when Payday the Heist was launched back in 2011. Payday allowed you to play with […]