GamingRev 2015 Competition Thought I would make things a lot more interesting Prizes have increased and will be far Better Prize One Evolve on Console of Winners Choice Prize Two Evil Within Steam Key Prize Three 3 games on steam (arcade, smaller studio games) How to enter, to make things a lot more interesting and to kind of reward people for visiting gamingrev Every Week I am going to Put a 4 Digit code in an article which has been written the previous week all together there will be 8 Codes For example week 1 Article 1 Contents of article End of Article Code *1*Read More →

Firstly I would like to first thank Robbie Paterson at indigopearl for organizing these Email interviews. its much appreciated. I would also like to thank Stephen Yee for taking his time in answering these questions. Before I post the Q&A I would like to write a brief introduction into what the Q&A is about and Sonic the Hedgehog. anyone that has grown up in the 90s and around Sega will know who and what Sonic the Hedgehog is and the impact it had on gaming in that time period. Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the leading titles of the times in the 90s andRead More →

Everyone handles stress in different ways and besides Tony Stark I don’t know any else who relieves themselves of stress by making machine after machine. However when I stumbled upon March Entertainment’s Cranky Cat I was shocked to find out the only other person that creates machines under stress isn’t a person at all, but in fact a cat. For a cat its creations were highly impressive but I bet your wondering what kind of machines a cat, better yet a cranky one, could invent when the light bulb inside its head fliped on. So without further ado let have a look inside one. TheRead More →