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Has steam Steam declared war?

Has steam Steam declared war? The question of the week and it’s a pretty interesting one, has steam declared war on its moding community and its user base? In brief game developers and publishers are getting pissed off that the […]

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Review

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is in a unique position, that is being spin off game of a spin off series. With that said one wouldn’t expect much from it as most spin offs in the modern game industry […]

Mark Pincus returns to Zynga

Mark Pincus returns to Zynga Mark Pincus is returning to Zynga to try and change its fortune after a pretty huge slump in users over the last years In its prime zynga was boasting more than 187 million users which […]

First Impressions: Town of Salem

The town of Salem, Massachusetts is famous for being the birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne and being the location that inspired his novels including The House of Seven Gables and The Scarlet Letter. However, it is probably best known for the […]

My Return to EVE Online Pt1

My Return to EVE Online Pt1 After almost two years of absence I thought I would try EVE once again as CCP had introduced new game mechanics since my departure from the EVE online universe. Quick Brief when I first […]

First Impressions: Rune Factory 4

Hello, this is a series that I’ll be writing, it should be out on every twenty third of a month for sure and depending on how my school schedule goes, I may release more. Without further ado, here it is. […]

Skyrim Mods: Why they are Essential

Hello again internet people! I am here to be the beacon of hope in this website ocean of cock-sucking mediocrity. I, the alpha writer, have flown down on my golden platypus to read aloud my thoughts on gaming and why […]