The modern age of technology brings with it an almost instantaneous flow of information. Our lives are constantly being flooded with information at increasing rates. Just as our lives have drastically changed, so has the gaming world. It has benefited from these advancements in countless ways, but can this instant flow of information actually be somewhat of a detriment to game developers who rely on such methods to promote their games? When I was a kid, I remember walking into my local K-Mart and making a bee-line straight for the video game department. Sometimes it had been weeks, possibly even months since I hadRead More →

[b]not really game related but might aswell, anyhow if you want to go legit i would suggest using napster (3 months for £10) 15 tracks, unlike spotify £5 a month to stream and £10 to stream to mobile. atleast you get to keep 5 tracks for £5 a month and stream as much as you like [/b] anyhow enjoy 🙂Read More →

News of Gears of War 3 Looks like the franchise continues with Gears of war 3 with the fight for human survival against the Locust continues after the fall of the last refuge falls, (aka the last human city) A review on Gears of war will be posted as soon as possibleRead More →

Great News, for 2010 GamingRev has been given a press pass for Euro Gamers 2010. So when October hits we will be getting you some great exclusives, we will also be giving you the opportunity to get your say in what games you want to see reviewed and posted on our website. So as soon as the expo list of game developers are released and you see a Game that you like, email us at we will do our best to get the Game of your choice checked out and posted.Read More →

Euro Gamers Is just around the corner which means Exclusive content, As usual we will be trying our best to get Press passes but worry not if we fail at acquiring them. we will still get some good exclusives on games. Our Goal will be to get you more Insight into new games and a feel for the Game Play we will be taking Requests from everyone on what games they would like us to look into this year so if you have one in mind send us an email at Last Years CrowdRead More →

Welcome to Gaming Revolution where we will be putting the power of the Voice to the Gaming community, here you are welcome to Post reviews on Games you have Played Good or Bad No more sugar coated Reviews, just the brutal truth. My aim of this website is to be able to take the Questions to the developers and be one of the gaming websites out there to get the first look at new Games that are being released.Read More →