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Thoughts on Nintendo Switch (Part 1)

  Part 2 should be up before Nintendo Switch is released. Apparently this site has been hacked by Anonymous Ghost Gaza, or probably someone who has no balls to attack major gaming websites who sell their credibility to adverts and […]

DLC Watch: Final Fantasy 15

As if the game can’t get any worse, it hits a new low today by unleashing 16 DIFFERENT TRAILERS FOR PRE-ORDER DLCs. I never seen anything like this, the addition of DLCs already turn me off the game but these Pre-Order DLCs […]

Steam's problems with Mods

Here’s a question all steam users ask: Why do you have to pay to get certain mods? The answer is pretty ridiculous: More unnecessary money. Thus people are getting ripped off. Nexus has its own complications, you have to subscribe […]

Problems in gaming #1: DLCs

Ryuixion here. I’m a new writer for Gamingrev. I hope you enjoy the article. It will be part of a series of articles by me that examines the current problems in gaming. Downloadable content, or more commonly known as DLCs […]

Final Fantasy XV Event Teased for March 2016

Square Enix released back in December on their Twitter account; an announcement from the team working on the long awaited title Final Fantasy XV.A future event for the title, will be shown of March 2016; which will finally reveal the […]

Big game releases for February 2016

Usually during the first few months of the year, game releases can be slow and for most gamers, it’s a time period of clearing out the backlog from previous years, or leaving your consoles to collect dust. If you’re concerned […]

2016 upcoming ps vita games

Everybody’s talking PS4, Xbox One, PC etc. Did you guys forget about the real good deals? So many old-school games are being released on the PS Vita this year. Here’s a list of the few games that we should be […]