Revamped 3DS XL to be launched in the U.S. Feb. 13thFrom:             Nintendo has announced their new 3DS handheld system. This system has been said to release on February 13, 2015 for the United States. What makes this system different from your current 3DS XL system? Graphics will be higher quality, an implemented 3D face tracker(which means no more awkward face positions in order to see the 3D), loading screens will be faster etc. The system has a new button called the “C Stick” which is another analog stick. This analog stick is also on a GameCube controller. How Ironic? This button can be locatedRead More →

GamingRev 2015 Competition Thought I would make things a lot more interesting Prizes have increased and will be far Better Prize One Evolve on Console of Winners Choice Prize Two Evil Within Steam Key Prize Three 3 games on steam (arcade, smaller studio games) How to enter, to make things a lot more interesting and to kind of reward people for visiting gamingrev Every Week I am going to Put a 4 Digit code in an article which has been written the previous week all together there will be 8 Codes For example week 1 Article 1 Contents of article End of Article Code *1*Read More →