Splinter Cell Conviction In brief the story is about a Sam Fisher who was suppose to be retired being brought back into the world of assassinations and power play after finding out this his daughter whom he thought was dead is still alive and well. now that he knows his daughter is alive he won’t stop at anything to find out the real reason behind her abduction and the hit and run incident which was suppose to have killed her,  while going through the story finding out some surprising things about his former employers and their new plans. After completing this game in what seemsRead More →

Halo Reach Beta Before I start this review I will have to admit I was sceptical about Halo Reach as I was very disappointed in Halo ODST but after playing the Beta of Halo Reach I am pretty much impressed with the new weapons and features that are added. I will start off with Roles; this to me is a great feature and in the beta gives you 4 which you can choose from and use. These roles kind of remind me of Classes from Call of Duty where you can customise different classes for different mission types and maps to give you that extraRead More →