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Chrono Trigger: A Review

    Chrono Trigger is an immense RPG filled with plenty of fun quests. The great thing about this game is it is a pretty rare game and is also from the makers who created Final Fantasy and Dragon quest […]

My top 10 games!

This list will be a good insight for people who aren’t so familiar with RPG / Platform games to get a sense of what the games entail and it might encourage them to try the games.   RPGs such as […]

oculus vr

oculus vr I have spent the last few days thinking of how I can write about this new Gadget which had taken kickstarter by storm. Before I start and this is for anyone that has been living under a rock […]

Payday 2 Part one

Payday 2 Part one In a few weeks time Payday 2 shall be hitting our screens with a big and controversial impact as it did when Payday the Heist was launched back in 2011. Payday allowed you to play with […]

Access Granted or Denied: Mercenary Kings Edition

And, we’re back with another Early Access first impression. As you know the Early Access section on steam is quickly growing. In fact I’m sure some would say it growing fast than a weeds and I don’t know about you […]

Ring Runner: Review

After spending five years in very outer space the ambitious title Ring Runner has finally been caught in the orbit of gamers. But, is this a title captains should consider bring closer with a Tractor beam? I hate to say […]