Kingdom Hearts, 16 Years in the Making

It all started on Destiny Island, on March 22, 2002 SquareSoft(now known as Square) came out with Kingdom Hearts, then in 2005, they came out with Kingdom Hearts II. Now THIRTEEN years have passed and we will be finally getting the Kingdom Hearts III that we been waiting for. Can you imagine? All those years of playing, following, loving the Kingdom Hearts series and next year the Ansem  Arc will be over? To me, its been very much worth the wait and I am so excited to be able to play the game finally, I’ve waited 13 years for this game so one more wont hurt me much.

The Kingdom Hearts series is a collaboration between Walt Disney and Square Enix featuring characters from both the Disney movies and Final Fantasy games, as well as characters they designed truly for the game. Origanally the game was to follow Mickey Mouse as the playable protagonist. Though he is in the game, he isn’t the main protagonist because they decided to design a character just for Kingdom Hearts itself, Sora.

The first game established the three main characters, Sora, Riku, and Kairi and while also establishing  the role of Disney characters in the series, with character cameos from the Final Fantasy series. The first game followed Sora through his search for his friends after Destiny island became over run with the darkness. While searching he comes across Donald Duck And Goofy who we will come to find that they will have an inseparable bond between them. The story of the game is emotional and strong while keeping the action at its highest, the game is  built to be loved by anyone who would play it.


Kingdom Hearts II introduced us to many new characters and a new faction, Organization 13, which is created by people called Nobodies. Nobodies are what happens to the body after the darkness steals their heart from them, but instead of turning into just an empty vessel, the stronger willed nobodies actually do have a conscience as we were to find out that Ansems nobody was the one who controlled Organization 13. The prolog of the game introduced us to Roxas and is friends as it kind of tried to show us that he would be the new main Protagonist, but after many weird things started happening to him, he would escape the world he was in created in a computer and find his way to finally meet, Sora, his counter part.

The game after follows Sora still trying to find his friends while trying to stop Organization 13 from reaching their goal. by the end of the heart felt story, Sora finally finds Riku and Kairi right before you fight the final boss. The final boss fight is Sora and Riku fighting against Xemnas, ending in them combing their powers to defeat him but sending them stuck in the Land of Darkness. The sit their, talking about what all that has happen when a bottle washes up to his feet, when they open it they find out that it was from kairi(which she wrote at the beginning of the game to Sora) which read,

“Thinking of you, wherever you are.
We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
And who knows:
starting a new journey may not be so hard,
or maybe it has already begun.
There are many worlds, but they share the same sky —
one sky, one destiny.”

Then all of a sudden in the Realm of Darkness, a piece of light appears in the water and slowly becomes a doorway to the Light, Sora and Riku run towards and falls into it landing in the waters of Destiny Island. On the Shore Line waiting for them is Don

ald, Goofy, and Kairi. They run to each and and proves that the light, even when in the realm of darkness, its truly inside of them always when they have their friends waiting for them on the other side. After the credits we see Riku and Sora sitting on their tree when Kairi runs up with a letter. Sora grabs it and reads it and the game ends, we soon find out that the letter is from Mickey mouse and is requesting Sora and Riku to meet him. The intermiady follow up of this game would be Dream Drop Distance, released on the 3DS in 2012.

Every year after Kingdom Hearts II a game was released, whether it be a remake make bringing it to current consoles to finally dream drop distance to continue the story line of Kingdom Hearts. A Prequel of Kingdom Hearts was released on the PSP following three characters, Aqua, Ventis, and Terra which will play big roles in Kingdom Hearts III.

So now, finally next year we will be getting our hands on Kingdom Hearts III and which will finally end the Ansem Arc that we have been following for all these years now. I know there are many games I didn’t cover but I just wanted to focus on the main three of the series.

We have so many questions and hopefully next year, they all will finally be answered. Just imagine, without the luckey meeting in the elevator we would never even seen Kingdom Hearts come to life.

What Questions do you guys have that you hope will be answered in Kingdom Hearts III? What are your hopes for this upcoming game?

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Note from the Writer: This is my very first article written and I hope over time I will be able to increase my skill in writing articles for you guys to keep you entertained, if you have any tips for me please be sure to comment down below with them! Thank you Again -Tate





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