Assassins creed Origins

Assassins creed Origins


Its been awhile since I have had the time to write my thoughts down and write an article, I guess its time I got my ass back on the saddle and as Donald J Trump would say
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Over the last few days I have been reading press releases of the new Assassins creed Origins which will be released in 27/10
Unlike previous Assassins Creed franchise we will be seeing the game go back in terms of history.
Pretty much from the start of the Assassins creed franchise the story has slowly moved itself to modern times with Syndicate being set in the industrial revolution in the United kingdom with elements of action also taking place in World War One.

To see Ubisoft take a step back and return to more conventional times, pre industrial and back to pretty much the core of assassins creed was a good move and thats what made it different from other open games.
No Rifles and firearms
I was pretty much shocked, I expected Ubisoft to carry on with their trend and keep the pace up and bring the game into the modern era and have something based in the early 90s.
Assassins creed Origins is set in ancient Egypt and predates Assassins creed where players were first introduced the creed through the life of Altar Ibn-La’Ahad and his Journey.

Assassins creed Origins we will be playing the protagonist Bayek who is the last of his people, now for people who dont know whom the Medjay are.
Who is Bayek?
Bayek is the main protagonist of Assassins Creed Origins, a native of Siwa, a remote oasis near the Egyptian-Libyan border. Hes descended from a long line of warriors. Being a Medjay means he is very well trained to fight and proficient with various weapons and also someone who helps the people of Egypt. His journey is what will lead to the formation of the Assassins Brotherhood.
Personality-wise Bayek is highly reactive. When life is good, it is amazing. When life is bad, he will bring the sky down! He is compassionate and sympathises with the people of Egypt but he is very weary of newcomers. He holds to the traditions and beliefs of Egypt but also to the ghosts of the past. Bayek is essentially the embodiment of Ancient Egypt. And in a changing world, what does he need to do, or need to become to be a part of this new world? This is what players will discover in Assassins Creed Origins.
Unlike other Assassins creed games and even the Movie, Origins is pretty much the beginning of the Creed which we have come to know.
Now most people will start Assassins creed Origins with the preconception that this game will not bring much to the table as its pretty much a pre sequel to every assassins creed out there and what new things could it bring?
for that I would say Remember revelations when we delved into the past once again and through the final days of Altar Ibn-La’Ahad as Ezio Auditore, I know inception moment
Playing as Desmond stuck in the animus reliving the life of Ezio Auditore whom then relives the life of Altar Ibn-La’Ahad (Mind Blown).
By reliving those final days of Altar Ibn-La’Ahad and going back we got to learn more about Altar Ibn-La’Ahad and the creed and why is became so fragmented and spread out.
as the games went on the creed had become more scattered and less centralised, by using the memory disks in Revelations we were able to learn the reasons why.
Assassins creed Origins will give the opportunity to see how the Creed was pretty much sculpted and where the foundations of the creed were formed.
for me its going to be great to get a new look at the Creed and see the building blocks in action,
from the very first assassins creed we got some great character building (Assassins creed 3 does not count as Character building felt like it was thrown out the window)
We never got to see how the creed formed and what how the roots and foundations for the brotherhood was installed over the years.
For that I believe there is a great opportunity for Ubisoft to tell the story and let people live and experience the origins of the creed.
Following from Press Release
Assassins Creed Origins is a re-invention of the foundations of the Assassins Creed franchise, a brand new vision that further pushes exploration, narration, combat and progression

  • Total freedom supported by a revamped narrative experience. Players can now make their choice amongst a large variety of meaningful main and side quests that they can approach when and how they want. This new open narrative approach gives players many possibilities to interact with the world, and different ways to experience their journey in Ancient Egypt.
  • We enhanced the gameplay by incorporating Action-RPG elements that support finding weapons with different rarities, levels, stats and visuals and ensure each unique weapon impacted gameplay appropriately. So how the characters overall level compares to the ones of enemies is a key factor in the experience. As a player, you now have to carefully consider and choose what are the abilities, gear and crafting decisions that define your Assassin.
  • Based on this new Action RPG direction, we completely redesigned the combat system. We changed the paradigm of combat, building from the ground up a new versatile, highly-reactive and fast-paced combat system that gives control, depth and freedom to players, bringing more challenges and thrill to combat.
  • Players can now transition seamlessly between unique ranged and melee weapons as they attack and defend against multiple enemies at once. Furthermore, players positioning as well as the size and the speed of their weapons decide if and how they hit their enemies, opening many doors to the depth of our combat system and bringing new sensations to the fight.

Now without having had a chance to play the game It would be pretty hard to write a fair assessment of the game and its game mechanics.
for that you will have to wait for release and Part 2 of the Article.
One thing for me that really sticks out while watching the tec demo is Bayeks eagle Senu
First, the introduction of Bayeks eagle Senu offers a unique view to explore and discover the world of Assassins Creed Origins. It drastically changes the way that players can discover the world and interact with it. Most of the time they need to find by themselves the next step in their quest as we provide as little guidance as possible.
Essentially Ubisoft have hidden pretty much a drone as an Eagle which is pretty clever and it was interesting while watching the demo being played how you can control and mark targets and threats using the eagle to plan the best way to strike.
Press Release
We also deeply changed the way that progression works. Players level and how it compares to the enemies one is fundamental in the experience as it will be very difficult for players to kill opponents that are several levels above them. Levelling up not only makes your Assassin stronger, it also grants Ability points that can be spent to obtain a specific capacity, such as more precise aiming with their bow or being able to poison dead bodies. There are 3 main branches in the Ability tree, the Master Warrior branch that focuses on melee combat, the Master Hunter branch dedicated to range weapons and stealth, and the Master Seer that is more about tools and manipulating the environment and animals.
On top of the Abilities we also introduce a full crafting system for players to create better versions of their equipment, such as the hidden blade. So if players want to improve their stealth abilities, they will need to focus their Ability points on stealth skills, such as air assassination, but also to upgrade their hidden blade through crafting so they deal more stealth damage. If your targeted enemy is of a higher level than you and you did not improve your hidden blade enough, then you wont be able to perform an assassination that would kill him in one shot.
Our fans have very different playstyles and we wanted to give them the opportunity to define how they prefer to approach challenges in-game. As a player, you now have to consider and choose what are the abilities, gear and crafting decisions that define your Assassin.

From reading the above it does look like Ubisoft have made some changes to the actual game mechanics of the game in terms of levelling up your assassin, this for me isnt that much different from other assassins creed games, for example Syndicate where you levelled up the ability of Jacob and Evie Fry which made it much easier to take on boroughs as they got harder.
Crafting has been around for a while in assassins creed since Brotherhood to Syndicate as the game allowed you to craft new deployable weapons to creating and upgrading your weapons to maximise their damage and impact on your targets.
with the mix of new and old mechanics I am looking forward to try Assassins Creed Origins out and see how it truly feels.
One thing that really worried me was that Ubisoft were going to stick with the same mechanics for Origins like they had for Unity and Syndicate which killed the replay value of games as new games could not be started without a destructive delete of game files.
I have been seeing everywhere this is not the case and Ubisoft will not being using the same save mechanics.
Fingers crossed its true
Assassins creed Origins is going to be an interesting game to play and I Look forward to seeing what the franchise holds and how it will conclude.