Here’s a question all steam users ask: Why do you have to pay to get certain mods? The answer is pretty ridiculous: More unnecessary money. Thus people are getting ripped off. Nexus has its own complications, you have to subscribe to use those mods it provides on the site, and not only that. You have to pay a monthly fee to use the mods on nexus either way. Thats why I do not recommend using Steam’s Nexus to enhance your gameplay experience. Its better to create the mods and get them free on steam community than it is to just ridiculously make money off ofRead More →

Ryuixion here. I’m a new writer for Gamingrev. I hope you enjoy the article. It will be part of a series of articles by me that examines the current problems in gaming. Downloadable content, or more commonly known as DLCs are additional content created for a released video game. They usually come after the game…but there are also DLCs that come on the released day of the game (Day One DLCs). Back in the PS2/Xbox generation, DLCs already existed although these are mostly free and the content are usually add ons like costume or maps rather than content integral to the game. DLCs back thenRead More →