Final Fantasy XV Event Teased for March 2016

Square Enix released back in December on their Twitter account; an announcement from the team working on the long awaited title Final Fantasy XV.A future event for the title, will be shown of March 2016; which will finally reveal the release date for Final Fantasy XV.As we know of at the moment Final Fantasy XV has no confirmation on an actual release date yet, but however has a release window for 2016.
Even though we do not know when Final Fantasy XV will be released. We have actually obtained large amounts of information about the game. Square Enix has been showing live Active Time Reports through their YouTube page, showcasing info on the gameplay, characters, and story. Of course not enough to where the game is spoiled.
As for the time being we still have the Final Fantasy XV demo to hold us over until the game is released, and until the event upcoming in March.Final Fantasy XV is the fifteenth installment of the main series. It is being developed for the PlayStation 4, and XBOX ONE.
The game is being developed by Square Enix’s 2nd Business Division, and the first to use the company’s Luminous Studio engine. The game was being directed by Tetsuya Nomura, however in 2014 Hajime Tabata took Nomura’s place as director due to his decision to focus mainly on Kingdom Hearts 3,
The game has been in development before its announcement in May 2006 going under the name Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but later on in June 2013 it’s name was changed to Final Fantasy XV