Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Before I wrote this I wanted to first see the reaction from other Final Fantasy 7 fans and so far it has been mixed.
From what we have been told and Know about the remake, Square Enix will split the game into multiple parts, The reason behind this being the sheer scale of the game and the undertaking they have to take to fit everything in.
Personally and this is a view shared by others and not to sound like a ungrateful person, As someone that grew up with the final fantasy series and have played the game through many times as many others who have done so, the experience of playing the and having the option to explore the whole map and be able to do multiple tasks and missions was the pinnacle of the gaming experience, along with the story and being able to experience that story.
What Square Enix are going to do is take that which square soft had created and as blunt as I am going to be on this is turn it into a cash cow, they know that Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most anticipated games of all time and they are going to milk it for everything they can.
This is what most of us see
• Multiple part game which means we will not have that same experience with the original game as we will not be able to experience the whole story and will only get segments of the game.
• To experience the game we will end up paying more money as the game will most likely range in the £40-£50 for each part, this where the greed of Square Enix comes into play as it will most likely cost up to £120-£200 (I really Hope I am wrong) to experience the whole story of Final Fantasy 7.
• Another fear for me is Micro transactions and DLC which will most likely make a play in the
new remake as there are many parts of the original game which can be monetised, an example of this is the mini games in the gold saucer to chocobo breeding and racing.
I don’t buy the fact that the game is too large and to fit in all the same experience that one had in the original final fantasy 7 game would be overwhelming and hard to recreate.
We have had multiple games launched by different publishers and developers over the last few years that have shown almost anything is possible when it comes to games deign and the content which they can include in the games.
Back in 1997 the Playstation was a console that allowed developers to push the boundaries and we had some great games being pushed out, one of the being Final Fantasy 7 which crammed so much into three disks with a boat load of content, back then Square Soft didn’t think or have the mindset o the current generation of publishers where they have given themselves a invisible wall which is stopping them from pushing the current generation of consoles and even PC to the limits.
I know many people accept that Final Fantasy 7 is a massive undertaking, but I am calling bullshit on this and will call it out as more of Square Enix seeing an opportunity to make money and using the hype around a classic game like Final Fantasy 7 to do so.
When I first heard that one of my childhood games would be remade for the current generation of consoles, I had been overwhelmed with Joy and that spark which I had when I played the game back in 1997 came back to me, this now has disappeared due the fact that Square Enix are nothing much more than a greed publisher who don’t seem to really give a shit about the game.
So It looks Like I will be avoid the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and I hope other Final Fantasy fans do the same as this game was not designed for Final Fantasy fans.
Thanks Square Enix you greedy Assholes

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