Deus EX Mankind Divided

Deus EX Mankind Divided
Its been a few weeks since I have come back from Eurogamers and Had the opportunity to go to a developer screening of Deus Ex Mankind Divided and what we can expect from the game.
From what we know so far about the story when it comes to Deus Ex Mankind divided is that it’s set two years after the Deus Ex and the incident where Jenson had to save humanity from the brink of destruction due to the virus which affected augmented individuals and almost caused the mass murder of millions.
Story and Game play
now I have been told that the previous decisions made in Deus Ex will have pretty much no bearing or impact on the current game, the full story hasn’t been disclosed yet by Ubisoft and we will have to find out how they implement the storyline and where they decide to take it from.
One thing we can be sure is that Ubisoft have kept the game play pretty close to the original Deus Ex where the great thing about it was that it wasn’t a linear game and you as the player had many possibilities to achieve a goal or to reach a target objective, like Deus Ex the new game still follows the same and similar arc of all your actions have consequences and will have an effect on your adversaries and how they will act and interact with you.
For example you can go gun ho and shoot the place up and not feel like you will get penalized for not stealthing and sneaking around, but by shooting the place up and killing bad guys left right and centre you will then trigger a different form of interaction with your target and the way he or she will help you or not.
So the way you play the game will always have an effect on the outcome of all your objectives and missions.
For me this is what makes the Deus Ex Franchise such a good one as you can play the game in pretty much any style that suits your game style and you aren’t penalized or ridiculed as no play style is the right way.
Weapons and Gear
Jenson has just got an upgrade as he boasts a new load of weapons and gear in his arsenal
Nano Blades
Nano blades which can be used as weapons to inflict damage to opponents at short and long distance for silent kills and takedowns
Tesa Gun
imagine the Taser gun but juiced up with more amp and stopping power, none lethal method of taking down opponents
New Booby-trap
New booby traps can now be deployed to take out enemy targets without exposing yourself to them or put yourself in line of sight.
Titan Shield
new shield which can be used to take damage from enemy fire for temporary time to get shots off or get to cover or escape.
Nano Plates
these are auto targeting rounds which can be used to lock onto target and then fire on the behind safety of cover to take out hostile targets without taking damage.
Arm Cannon
exactly what it says on the box, the arm cannon is pretty much a lethal pulse weapon which Jensen can use to neutralize enemy targets in a very fast and effective way.
Slow down Perception of time
this is a great new feature and something I look forward to seeing implemented in the game, this new feature allows Jenson to slow down time in a way which allows you target and neutralize hostile targets before they can get a shot off at you or have the time to lock onto you, great for taking out multiple hostiles in a short period of time.
Boss Encounters
This is great as Deus Ex have changed boss encounters completely as you can avoid them if you want (this is dependent on how you carry out your mission objectives and the methods you use) personally I find this to a great implementation of a new game mechanic as your actions are having real feedback and the consequences of those actions are reverberated as you play the game.
Watching the Trailer and the demo at Eurogamers expo, I was pretty pleased by what I had seen and the changes that have been made and implemented for Deus Ex Mankind Divided, I see a lot of potential and the making of a good game.