Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hits E3

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hits E3

Yesterday at the E3 SONY hit the world with a very large bomb shell which rocked the hearts of millions of Final Fantasy fans worldwide, myself included

the original Final Fantasy 7 was launched back in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and was greeted very well by the gaming community due to the cinematic and the story arc which it presented to gamers.

Granted Final Fantasy 7 did have its draw backs which had its downside, this was mostly the battle encounters with monsters on the plains which were pretty erratic in most instances

Eight years ago Sony launched the Sony Playstation 3 at the E3 and demoed Final Fantasy 7 and that went viral as the thought of a remake back then was pretty much still a wanted and sought after product from Sony and Square Enix.

Sadly that was not the case back then it was just Sony showing off the capabilities of the Playstation 3 and its rendering capabilities

This brings us to 2015 and Sony Have announced Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Playstation 4
queue the applause and Fan boy screams with ones childhood games for most of us coming to the latest generation in HD.

Time to relive those boss battles where we planned ahead on how to take down a boss, how we scoured the plains and levelled our players up so they would have the strength to take on, the strength to defeat the next boss encounter on our path to defeat sephiroth, the strength to take on the weapons

soon we can relive those childhood great childhood moments joy and sadness as we once again build the bond with our characters as we build them up and walk aside them on their journey to save Gaia from the clutches of Shinra and sephiroth