Mark Pincus returns to Zynga Mark Pincus is returning to Zynga to try and change its fortune after a pretty huge slump in users over the last years In its prime zynga was boasting more than 187 million users which dropped pretty hard to less than 20million and still dropping Zynga is well known for its games on facebook which attracted millions of users through its in game invite system which it promoted to its users to unlock certain perks in game. I will confess I use to be a hardcore Mafia wars player before zynga inditated it with so many annoying pop ups thatRead More →

End of Onlive On 30th of April Onlive will be closing its doors to users as the turbulent venture which has pretty much cost firms couple of million in terms of lost investments calls it a night. Its something I am pretty sure Most others also predicted not going to really take off in the long run as shown in the following articles that were written concerning Onlive   Steam and nvidia Join the Party So steam along with Nvidia have joined the console market, one must ask is it really appropriate for them to join the market with what they are going to provide?Read More →