Really Ubisoft?

Really Ubisoft?
Small and straight to the point and kind of a rant which I try and avoid a lot
for those that have played Assassins creed during the last three instalments will know about Ubisoft and their practice of in game purchases where players can use money to purchase gear and other in game purchases to unlock certain perks and assets (essentially a pay to win), don’t get me wrong most these had little impact on gamers who used pay to win.
So recently I came across of a screenshot on reddit where a user posted a image from one of unbisoft latest games, as an example Ghost recon
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After i looked at the screenshot i was thinking to myself seriously?
what the hell are the people who are in charge of gamer relations thinking to themselves?
its very hard to understand how a developers are willing to go so far when it comes to generating money from individual games that they would start to cut parts out unless they are unlocked using in game currency or purchased with hard cold cash.
I guess Ubisoft are taking a full page from activision and their mindset when it comes to games and how game content should be launched and distributed to gamers?