Dying Light First Impressions

Techland’s latest and greatest zombie game Dying Light released last Tuesday on January 27th, 2015. I was astounded to see the similarities between this game and Techlands’s Dead Island. Although the games are similar, Dying Light is far more superior. The graphics, game play, and features are out of this world. It is a big shock to see a pretty decent zombie game on next gen


consoles other than Dead Rising 3.
For your sake I will not spoil the story But, I will tell you the things you can do. First off, you might already know by now that you can freerun in this game. In fact, without this feature, you’d be dying every minute. Freerunning is crucial to your survival in this game. In the beginning your character will be clumsy, out of shape. As you progress through the game and level up your skills you will find yourself swiftly moving through the map and climbing places smoothly and swiftly. You will need this feature especially because at night, the infected are more vicious, meaner, faster, and are not afraid to bite. You can even jump on top of a horde of zombies as you level up and much more. In this game, you will need to learn how to pick locks. Mostly because you can find storage boxes around the map that have really useful things in them. Also, you will need to learn how to pick locks for quests you do. It is not hard, but it takes a learning curve. In this game you can craft weapons of a vast majority. There is plenty of combinations. Getting the season pass is highly recommended for extra modes, weapons, and outfits in the game. There is many more features of this game that you should experience for yourself.
Although this is a great game, every game has its flaws. I often see some parts in the game where the graphics are choppy. It is not something that is completely noticable but if you are a person that really pays attention to those types of things, it might bother you. But what do you expect for a sandbox game running on high definition? I have had one experience where I fell under the map which bothered me because a loss of supplies but I’m sure it was just a coincedence or connection issues. The graphics look great and run at 1080p. But there is one problem. The game runs at 30 fps. The developers originally said it was going to be 60 fps but lowered it to 30fps for a better gameplay experience, which is what we all want. Despite the problems in this game, for the casual and advanced consumer, this is a fun game to play. Especially if you play with friends. Because its all about the fun.
Game Rating: 8.5