Techland’s latest and greatest zombie game Dying Light released last Tuesday on January 27th, 2015. I was astounded to see the similarities between this game and Techlands’s Dead Island. Although the games are similar, Dying Light is far more superior. The graphics, game play, and features are out of this world. It is a big shock to see a pretty decent zombie game on next gen consoles other than Dead Rising 3. For your sake I will not spoil the story But, I will tell you the things you can do. First off, you might already know by now that you can freerun in this game.Read More →

Hi again, this is Wizard, giving you a follow up on my review of Saira. I didn’t say everything I wanted to in my review, like some of the reasoning, so I decided a follow up was the best idea. First off, let’s talk about the score, just to get it out of the way. I gave it a 4.5 because it’s free, my real score would have been a 4. I thought that was an honest score, as I did not have fun while I played it. Fun is the biggest score for me, followed by gameplay & story (as one category), then music &Read More →

Do we Need Protagonists? after reading the Reddit post by splitscreener Looking at new games over the last few years from game publishers we are seeing game developers walk away from protagonists and go in the more of the direction of the immersive experience of the player being the protagonists. Does taking away the Protagonists take away the bond that a player develops with their character that they are playing in a game? Couple of posts from the post caught my eye For Silent Protagonists: anisewah “People who cant stand silent protagonists are usually ones with no imagination and dont understand the reason for it.Read More →