After playing 24 hours I will say this will be the most frustrating game you will ever play even compared to games such as Dark Souls.  Rust is an open world survival MMO, created by Garry Newman, the same person who created Garry’s mod, was hoping to make a game that was like a mix between Minecraft and Dayz, and him and his team did it amazingly.  You may join an official server which have about up to hundreds of people playing or community servers that are run by players.  My opinion I love modded servers where the owners can put in their own thingsRead More →

We get Thousands of people who visit us at everyday and I want you all to stay!!! sadly I cant Tie people up and keep them so I am offering a 4th Generation Console with Game to one lucky person, once I reach 2000+ members on the gamingrev forum so What Are you waiting for JOIN  How this will work out Starting 24th Jan 2014 onwards anyone that joins the forum and all active members who joined before this date will be eligble for the prize of a 4th Gen Console The goals for this have been set 2000+ Members on the forum andRead More →

Last night, I sat down with a cold beer and thought to myself, I might play Flower and see what all the fuss is. I was in the mindset that playing a game where you are a flower might be a little dull. Folks, I was wrong, very wrong. It is one hell of an addictive game. The game starts you off as a solitary flower in the ground. Pressing any button will break off a single, solitary petal, you control this petal with the wind as you blow it around the field. Pressing any button ont he controller will make the wind go faster and make exploring that much easier. This game is controlled by using the SixaxisRead More →