oculus vr

oculus vr

I have spent the last few days thinking of how I can write about this new Gadget which had taken kickstarter by storm.

Before I start and this is for anyone that has been living under a rock and do not know what the oculus vr is and what its designed to emulate.

The oculus vr is a headset which gives a immersive experience in which you are thrown into the virtual world, this has been around for decades now and pretty much a technology which was out of reach of normal consumers due the production costs of previous 3D capable devices.

these devices were also very bulky in their infant years which made them less then practical for the average consumer who could even afford it.


Now the Oculus Vr is much smaller and cheaper than its predecessors and comes with more technology packed into it which allow greater experience for the user, for example tracking sensors which track the movement of the users head allowing the system to tilt the screen in the direction the user is looking.

now with the oculus you can also adapt this with the Omni treadmill to get a greater virtual experience as you enhance the immersive experience by  taking your own movements and then translating them into in game action where as in traditional and older virtual experience you would only have a control of your in game character using a joystick which took away from the full experience as you were pretty much just still static and only getting a visual experience.

Combine the two and you truly have yourself a immersive gaming system where you can throw yourself into the virtual world and have a more in-depth experience.


Image from Omni Kickstarter page
Image from Omni Kickstarter page

the Omni treadmill on the other hand works by using ball bearings to register your movements while you are contained in the environment of the treadmill, by using sensors which track the ball bearings and the way the user walks or decides to run into the game which enhances the gaming experience further where the user can move with their avatar as if they were running or walking in the digital environment.

this is a great step up from having a immersive static experience and to be thrown into the game with more control over what you do.

so now you know what the Oculus VR is and what can be adapted with it

This is from my personal experience of the device at Eurogamers 2013, so firstly thanks to the people at Oculus for taking their new toy for us to try out.

As someone who is short sighted one issue I have found with the device was that it never truly adjusted to my eyes and the experience was given a dashing blow, now speaking to their representatives asking them why there wasn’t a mechanism in place to adjust the output of the oculus for visually impaired individuals I was told that its automatic and this wasn’t the final production model and they are still working out the bugs.

now apart from the wonderful feeling of having a virtual experience of having the same feeling of losing my glasses in the real world it wasn’t so bad.

The sensors are very responsive and allowed me to look around in a 360 degree fashion of the cockpit of the plane that I was flying and apart from being out of focus it did feel pretty good.

the headset by its self did have some weight to it and I don’t think it’s something one could wear for a prolonged period of time along with eye strain this device isn’t suited for long gaming sessions but for short gaming sessions it would be great

since I didn’t get a chance to try out the  Omni I can’t really give a unbiased review of it from a personal point of view but from what I have seen on the Oculus and what it can do.

In the long run devices like the Oculus will have far greater impact on aspects of life outside of gaming but on day to day living, an example of this can be jogging in the alps while in the comfort of your front living room or the Surgery room (Not surgeon simulator!!!!)
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