Payday 2 Part one

Payday 2 Part one


In a few weeks time Payday 2 shall be hitting our screens with a big and controversial impact as it did when Payday the Heist was launched back in 2011.
Payday allowed you to play with friends or players from around the world, (four Man team) to Rob places from Banks to Drug Dens.
The first game did have some problems which I will go into as they seemed to have addressed the issues thoroughly and one left unchanged.
and as this is still Beta I am doing it in two Parts
as Payday really isn’t story orientated there really isn’t much to say about the story as there isn’t a story, you are a criminal and you live a life of crime.
1.  Skill Tree
The  Skills Tree has been redesigned completely and has moved away from the Reputation Tier system.
in the first Payday the  users would select a specialist and as they played the game that Reputation tree would level up to a Maximum of 93×3 and 93×4 with the DLC.
as they Leveled up it would unlock weapons from that reputation tree which can then be leveled up individually to add modifications,
An example of this would the reflex sight on the M308 Rifle, these upgrades allow the user to have better control of their weapons and deal more damage.
By also building up the skills on the weapons the user also increased their skills on the Reputation skill tree allowing faster leveling.
this meant people playing payday the Heist could Level up pretty fast and unlock everything with some ease if they did the right missions and got enough money.
the downside to this method of Leveling up meant the Game became pretty obsolete very fast as there wasn’t really any new goals or targets after maxing out your character as you pretty much unlock everything instantly.
Now you know the short sighted Problem of which plagued the first game, Overkill have addressed this Problem with a whole new design and method of Leveling you character up.
Like the First Payday there are Specialist groups but these groups have designed independently.
each specialist group has its own Tech tree of its own which are independent of the player and are not affected by how the player levels up.
As you can see by the Image Below to level up a package you need to use Money you earn from Jobs along with Points you earn from levelling up your character.
payday2_win32_release 2013-07-31 18-12-31-59
each Item you unlock will have influence on how you do a mission as it will give you some benefits which will assist you in accomplishing a task or to make a task much easier, an example of this would be shaped charge as it allows you to blow open most doors Door’s, most safes and pretty much take out heavy armored Police with ease.
Unlike Payday the original where leveling up a skill tree was pretty much risk free, in Payday 2 you have to choose wisely which direction you want to go in as the costs for upgrading a specialist tree increases as you upgrade the tiers for better performance.
Now you can Respec your skill tree but you will lose all that hard earned money in the process, hence the Risk factor and choosing wisely in which direction you want to go,
Now this is pretty simple if you are playing with friends as each one of you can train up a specialist tree to work in a combined group where you are in position to support each other.
for individual players who lack friends and play strangers and will have to prefer for all possibilities and scenarios.
for me this is a great Move by Overkill as it adds longer life and playability to the game as it means it will take longer to get all items in the game and take more effort in training up a specialist tree and not just play a game and watch it level up instantly.
2. Weapons
now on the first payday the weapons were locked to each Specialist and as your reputation increased on that specialist a weapon would automatically unlock and be added to your inventory for use automatically.
for Payday 2 this has changed, weapons are obtained by the player as they level up but this is done by tying it down to the Levelling system where a weapon is unlocked and is added to the players inventory but not available until the player purchases the weapon.
again this adds risk factor as you have to choose wisely on if you need that weapon and will it be useful in future jobs.
This also the same for Side arms and Armour
3. Custom Masks and weapons
that’s right Payday 2 has custom masks and weapons which you can unlock as you play the Heists, each Heist you complete you are presented with Three cards in which you can select one of those cards to be presented with the following
New Mask
Mask Modification
weapon Attachment
Like everything else in Payday 2, these are not free and it does cost a few thousand to customize your masks (yes you have to first purchase the mask which you unlocked)
The masks in general are cosmetic and don’t really effect the game play, the only one thing that does effect the game play is the weapons modifications as it allows you to modify your weapons to make them more lethal and accurate.
4 Assets
The most essential part of any Heist is having assets on standby to make that heist that much bit easier for you and your friends to accomplish a Heist with little bloodshed or faster time frame.
an example of this would be the armored Car in Watch Dogs where you have to get Drugs to the docks past an army of Police officers whom have you surrounded and want your head on a silver platter,
the armored Car allows your getaway driver when he arrives to take more heat from the police as they shoot at the car while you make your run towards it for your escape.
without the armored car the getaway driver has a higher risk of being killed and you being forced to wait for a secondary exit plan.
Assets cost money and can only be purchased by the host, Assets aren’t guaranteed to work as they are designed to give you that advantage if you utilize the assets and make use of them.
5. Hideout
Finally you got a Hideout in which you can go and relax, the hideout for me is a great addition as it allows you to go and practice some shots with your weapons in your own personal shooting gallery in the basement, now any game that has a shooting gallery for me is a win as it allows you to unwind a bit without having to go into a actually game to unload a few magazines.
through the hideout you can also access the crime net and join or host games as you please.
6. The AI
The AI is useless and I will be frank as like the first one it’s a dumb as hell and most missions you cannot complete if you have AI on your team, an example of this would be Jewellery Heist where you need to get a certain amount of bags into the Van before the alarm is raised.
The AI does nothing useful and cannot be utilized for crowd control or for getting assets from one location to another.
for me this is where overkill have dropped the bombshell and really screwed up as they have pretty much kept the AI the same as the original payday and left it dumb.
This is still Beta and the release is less than two weeks away so I don’t really want to hold my breath on if they have addressed the issue with the AI and if they have reprogrammed them so they are more helpful in heists.
7. The Game Play
The game play and how users interact has completely be redesigned and I will be honest I like this change as it’s a much more improved and welcomed from the previous Payday.
*Individual Mask option, this allows all players to start the heist on their own allowing others to get into position before joining into the heist,
for example in the first payday if one person starts the heist then the heist begins and everyone puts on the mask automatically.
in Payday 2 you are given time to scout the area and subdue targets and keep the police at bay longer or completely allowing for a clean or fast heist.
*Player stats are now available at the bottom of the HUD allowing you to see how much ammo your team mates are carrying with a more accurate portrayal of how much health and armor they have.
* Weapons are less flimsy and more balanced out, overkill have fixed the weapons and they are balanced out and not overpowered like Payday.
*The Maps are larger and the layouts of the maps in some Heists change, this is a change from payday where only the location of the targets changed and the maps didn’t change much, with Payday two the maps themselves on most Heists change so you can’t use the same tactics over and over.
Here are two Videos from Payday 2
one showing you around the Main menu, specialist options and the Hideout
the second one is a quick game.
Video one

Video two (coming soon)

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