Access Granted or Denied: Mercenary Kings Edition

And, we’re back with another Early Access first impression. As you know the Early Access section on steam is quickly growing. In fact I’m sure some would say it growing fast than a weeds and I don’t know about you but weeds grow much faster than my wallet. So to my disappointment I can’t help every one of these developers but I can pick and choose. That my friends is exactly what I have done today and this particular game could defiantly be the king of Early Access games.
Title: Mercenary Kings
Genre: Action,platformer, rpg, adventure, indie
Planned Features: more missions, more weapons
Early Access Price: 14.99$
First impressions: There are many places a kings can rule just like there are many ways to teach a king a lesson. Some sit upon a throne surrounded by castle walls and some take to the stage spewing lyric after lyric as a king of rock, but is it too dangerous for a king to bear arms? The developers of Tribute Games seem to think the answer to this question is absolutely no. Furthermore, to prove their point they have created a universe that not only contains one gun wielding king but several Mercenary Kings. Do they prove their point though, could a king truly do more than giving orders or saving your ears boredom? You better Lock and load because it time to find out from the front lines.
If you know of Captain America then you shouldn’t need to dust off your dictionary in order to know the definition of a “Super Solider”. However, for those of you who have been living under a rock Captain America was once a scrawny wannabe solider until her was given a secret formula that empower him with super strength and speed. The soldiers players play as in Mercenary Kings have also been given a secret formula, known as Mandrake. Unfortunately the Mandrake has fallen into the hands of an evil war criminal named Claw. Players will need to go Claw’s laboratory on an island base in order to retrieve the Mandrake while in the process of putting an end to all of Claw’s evil deeds. The story is pretty straightforward and there aren’t that many different character personalities. On the Brightside though the story is loaded with jokes and players can skip the story if they really hate it that much. A strong story for mercenary Kings would have been a plus but Mercenary Kings doesn’t need an amazing story.
In life one of the hard obstacles to overcome in my opinion is age because if your too young your simply too young until your old enough. And, sadly when the original Metal Slug was released I was still a toddler. Now, I would be lying if I said I’ve never played a Metal Slug in my life but those were several sequels and everyone knows two things, with age everything changes and the original are always better. Luckily for myself, and all those who will miss out on the original, Mercenary Kings barrows from the original Metal Slug. Players will be doing a mixture of running, shooting, and platforming in order to complete stages. What sets apart Mercenary Kings from Metal Slugs is just a few addition gameplay mechanics that make a HUGE difference. For example before players must select a mission objective before then go into a stage. Then once in the stage players will be given a reasonable time limit for how long they have to complete the objective in that stage. The game also allows players to collect raw materials that can be used for crafting different equipment in the game. There’s tons of replay value in the gameplay between the crafting and mission. I can see players challenging each other for the fastest time and having a great time with the solid controls. But, those playing would be playing with the keyboard should know that there currently isn’t away for the controls to be changed but in a future update there will be.
In addition to borrowing a lot from the gameplay Mercenary Kings also borrows a lot from the art style of Metal Slugs, the whole game was created with 16-bit pixels. Every environment not only overflows with nostalgia but also really makes you feel like you are a solider in a war field. There’s a lot both players and enemies can interact with. Multiple objectives will have you coming back to the same stage many times but there’s so much hidden so players shouldn’t think “third times the charm” and that they would have seen everything just after three visits. Players will be returning to these stages many times and will love every second they roam these waters and grasslands. Tribute games gave every pixel a purpose and put every pixel to good use.
Mercenary Kings is in Early Access so there bound to be bugs. However, none of them really bugged me though. What did bug me a bit though was the multiplayer. While it was very easy to jump in and out of games I wished players could actually choose from a list of games themselves. With the way the multiplayer is currently setup there’s no grantee players will end up with other players that are on the same mission as them.
Access granted or denied: Granted
Final thoughts: As of this moment Mercenary Kings has 60 missions and upon full release there will be over 100. With tons to do and redo if this games interests you even a tiny bit there no better time the present to drop the cash on this game. 14.99$ is 25% off the final product and I would say this is more than a reasonable price for all the explosive content this games has to offer, every gamer need to experience these big guns.