Q&A with Stephen Yee From Sega

Firstly I would like to first thank Robbie Paterson at indigopearl for organizing these Email interviews.
its much appreciated.
I would also like to thank Stephen Yee for taking his time in answering these questions.
Before I post the Q&A I would like to write a brief introduction into what the Q&A is about and Sonic the Hedgehog.
anyone that has grown up in the 90s and around Sega will know who and what Sonic the Hedgehog is and the impact it had on gaming in that time period.
Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the leading titles of the times in the 90s and sold millions of copies around the world
before the release of Sonic.
Sega in terms of quality put more emphasis on numbers and not really the quality of games.
So they played the more games Card strategy which didn’t work out to well when it came to practice and Sega Games were out sold by competitors who put more money in game development then numbers,
only after Sega put more emphasis on quality over numbers did their games truly lift off and one of these games was Sonic the Hedgehog which took the world by storm and put Sega on the map.
Over the decades Sonic the Hedgehog has made appearances in many forms ranging from cameos in other titles to the TV screens, A example of this would be Sonic underground where he is joined by his two siblings to find their mother and stop doctor robotnik and his evil plans
Sonic has been rebooted many times over the decades but it never truly lost its spark as a title which pretty much has stayed the same compared to other games which have developed and grown from the time period of which sonic had been conceived.
Now Sonic has been rebooted and has been given a lease of life which will mean its truly in the reach of all gamers, and I mean all gamers as it has spread from console to handheld devices.
With the growth of Mobile devices and the power which has been put in them, developers are given even more opportunity to unleash games with better graphics, better performance and more response then they were restricted to a few years back.
I Hope people give this game a try on their Android phones, why not as you can get a free Trial and see for yourself so there really isn’t an excuse 🙂
Free Lite Version

Now for the Q&A

Firstly I would like to thank you Stephen for your time to answer these questions,
its much appreciated.
Q:How does it feel to be working on such a classic game which has lasted so many

It's been a really fulfilling experience but there has also been a lot of pressure
to meet the expectations of our fans given how well previous Sonic games have done.
I'm so excited to have had this opportunity and hope it lives up to what gamers have
come to expect from the Sonic franchise!
Q:Do you see more Sonic spin offs in the works for the Android platform?

We're always looking into opportunities but don't have anything new to announce at
this time.
Q: One thing I have noticed on Sonic while playing it on my S4 was that it did not
support motion sensors on the Phone. Are there any plans to utilize the motion
sensors in mobile platforms?

I can't speak to the other mobile titles but for Sonic specifically, the game play
is so dependent on precision with the timing and jumping that motion sensor support
actually takes away from the gameplay experience. Because of the fan following for
this game, we want to make sure the experience lived up to the franchise but we
definitely explored all possibilities.
Q:Being on a Mobile platform do you believe you had to compromise in game
performance to get the most out of the game?

With the new version we just released, we created the game from the bottom up
specifically for the mobile platform. We re-created all the physics, redesigned the
main menu, remastered the sound and added many more features like new characters
without the use of emulation in order to bring out a much higher quality on mobile
than ever before. Sonic is all about speed and our main focus was performance and
controls in order to create an experience that new players and our core fans would
Q:With the Progress of the Mobile platform and the increase in performance in new
handheld devices, do you feel we will see more classic games like Sonic being ported
over to Mobile phones?

I definitely hope so. Mobile technology has advanced so much, even in the last few
years, and it has really given us the ability to revisit ideas that we never thought
were possible before.

Q: There are two types of sonic on Android platform, one which is free and one which
is paid for, do you see more high profile games being released for free and
supported using Adverts?

At SEGA we definitely sees the value in freemium for consumers and while we will
always strive offer premium experiences regardless of business model. We work to
evaluate each brand and game on a case by case basis in order to provide the right
experience we want consumers to have.
Q: Will Sega be supporting the new Android powered consoles which are being launched
over the next few months?

Definitely. We recently just announced that we are bringing three of our most iconic
games to the Ouya: Sonic the Hedgehog 4(tm) Episode I & II as well as Sonic CD.
Android is a big part of our business and we're constantly evaluating new
Again I would like to thank you for your time and well done to you and your team for
reproducing a game that gave me hours of entertainment when I was a child.