And, we’re back with another Early Access first impression. As you know the Early Access section on steam is quickly growing. In fact I’m sure some would say it growing fast than a weeds and I don’t know about you but weeds grow much faster than my wallet. So to my disappointment I can’t help every one of these developers but I can pick and choose. That my friends is exactly what I have done today and this particular game could defiantly be the king of Early Access games. Title: Mercenary Kings Genre: Action,platformer, rpg, adventure, indie Planned Features: more missions, more weapons Early AccessRead More →

After spending five years in very outer space the ambitious title Ring Runner has finally been caught in the orbit of gamers. But, is this a title captains should consider bring closer with a Tractor beam? I hate to say it but no, Ring Runner is one straggler that doesn’t deserve to join the crew of anyone. While players would benefit from the many talent of Ring Runner they would also be betrayed by those talents as well. Any good captain knows the key to surviving in space is taking risk but the best Captains know that Ring Runner isn’t risk worth taking. After wakingRead More →

Eurogamer Expo 2013 Gaming Expo Ticket Giveaway   Firstly a Thanks to Tom Champion and Eurogamers who are providing the Tickets for the Expo, As   you guys know Eurogamers Gaming Expo is one of the largest gaming events Held in the UK every year since 2008 and as the years have passed it has increased in Size and the number of people who attend each year increase.   Over 50,000 people attended last year and tickets always sell out within days So this is your chance to Get hold of Tickets for Thursday the 26th You   will Get Two Tickets for the DayRead More →

Bulbs, genius inventions that help us see other genius in a variety of place and different ways. Many of them though eventually burnout over time and that is exactly what Picroma’s Cube World is, a burnout light bulb. And, before you pull out those giant wads of crash think about this; Cube World isn’t your ordinary light bulb. What do I mean by this? Well a normal bulb can be easy replaced by a quick trip to the hard ware store. Cube World however, is a video game light bulb and once these type of light bulbs are purchased they can’t be replaced and itsRead More →

Personally pc is my favorite gaming consoles because unlike Xbox and ps3 when I don’t like any of the published games coming out I can hope of the web and instantly play something new in my browser. Everyday billions of new browser games pop us however many of them never see life out of the shadows. So in order to help browser games know see more of the world I have brought one into the day light for games to see. Title: Fallen World Genre:  Strategy, Tower defense, roleplaying Where to play: Fallen World, desura( July 18) Review: Zombies don’t exist. Furthermore there isn’t any evidenceRead More →

  Hello my names Luke and I am here to do another major spook review this time on gearbox rps borderlands and the sequel borderlands 2 which is available on Xbox 360, PC and ps3.   Grab your camera get your clothes packed and put you sun tan on your ready for the holiday of a life time Pandora  your get to meet new people explore loads of locations and more lets go   Game start up   Ok  so the game starts you off with choosing 4 vault hunters the first game was brick (Berserker) Lilith (siren) Mordecai (hunter) and Roland (Soldier) while the second gameRead More →

Firstly I would like to first thank Robbie Paterson at indigopearl for organizing these Email interviews. its much appreciated. I would also like to thank Stephen Yee for taking his time in answering these questions. Before I post the Q&A I would like to write a brief introduction into what the Q&A is about and Sonic the Hedgehog. anyone that has grown up in the 90s and around Sega will know who and what Sonic the Hedgehog is and the impact it had on gaming in that time period. Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the leading titles of the times in the 90s andRead More →

If I had to use my own body to count the numbers of times I’ve heard a person say “big things come in small packages” toe and fingers would simply not be enough. For years people have applied the cliché saying to many areas in reality that I would full agree with them about. On the flipside however, there are areas as well that I wished more people would apply the saying to. One of these areas is indie development, which countless titles have proven the say true; Mine craft and Terraria included. And, when I saw Bleed by Bootdisk Revolution I had hope thatRead More →