Month: July 2013

Payday 2 Part one

Payday 2 Part one In a few weeks time Payday 2 shall be hitting our screens with a big and controversial impact as it did when Payday the Heist was launched back in 2011. Payday allowed you to play with […]

Access Granted or Denied: Mercenary Kings Edition

And, we’re back with another Early Access first impression. As you know the Early Access section on steam is quickly growing. In fact I’m sure some would say it growing fast than a weeds and I don’t know about you […]

Ring Runner: Review

After spending five years in very outer space the ambitious title Ring Runner has finally been caught in the orbit of gamers. But, is this a title captains should consider bring closer with a Tractor beam? I hate to say […]

Cube World: First Impressions

Bulbs, genius inventions that help us see other genius in a variety of place and different ways. Many of them though eventually burnout over time and that is exactly what Picroma’s Cube World is, a burnout light bulb. And, before […]

Browse it: Fallen World Edition

Personally pc is my favorite gaming consoles because unlike Xbox and ps3 when I don’t like any of the published games coming out I can hope of the web and instantly play something new in my browser. Everyday billions of […]

boderlands and borderlands 2 review

  Hello my names Luke and I am here to do another major spook review this time on gearbox rps borderlands and the sequel borderlands 2 which is available on Xbox 360, PC and ps3.   Grab your camera get your clothes […]

Q&A with Stephen Yee From Sega

Firstly I would like to first thank Robbie Paterson at indigopearl for organizing these Email interviews. its much appreciated. I would also like to thank Stephen Yee for taking his time in answering these questions. Before I post the Q&A […]

Bleed: Review

If I had to use my own body to count the numbers of times I’ve heard a person say “big things come in small packages” toe and fingers would simply not be enough. For years people have applied the cliché […]