I’m sure having some part on game development has come across the minds of every gamer once in his or her life time. So for many Kickstarter is a great way for gamer to contribute their part to video game development. Another good less known way is Steam’s new Early Access program that allow players to buy a game and immediately have access to the games. Because its new many gamer not know which games to consider giving their time and money. But worry not any longer because I’ve taken the time to look at one particular game in order to help you decided. Title:Read More →

We’re Sorry, but You Have Reached a Number That Has Been Disconnected or is No Longer in Service — Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Announced Become irreversibly entangled in violence as reality dissolves into a haze of neon and carnage MIAMI – You’re a murderer. You murder people. Again. And again. How certain you are of your actions and what is, and what is not, real is what you must determine in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, due out later this year from developer Dennaton Games and publisher Devolver Digital. The epic finale to 2012’s blood-soaked hit follows an escalating level of violence through multipleRead More →

Everyone handles stress in different ways and besides Tony Stark I don’t know any else who relieves themselves of stress by making machine after machine. However when I stumbled upon March Entertainment’s Cranky Cat I was shocked to find out the only other person that creates machines under stress isn’t a person at all, but in fact a cat. For a cat its creations were highly impressive but I bet your wondering what kind of machines a cat, better yet a cranky one, could invent when the light bulb inside its head fliped on. So without further ado let have a look inside one. TheRead More →

Ubisoft opened up with something new lead guitarist from Alice in Chains Jerry Cantrel came out and started playing a guitar playing one of their recorded songs to introduce the new Rocksmith 2014 addition. apparently you can choose to play with a virtual band and they will react with how you play called session mode coming this October.  And hosting the Ubisoft conference this year is the same host from last year Aisha Tyler. Next game was Splinter Cell Blacklist showing what seems like a trailer for the game along with what looks like clips of the co-op play.  Next game right after that isRead More →

This conference opened up not with a montage of all their games but what looked like clips of the titles of the games that will be either shown or announced. To start off their first game it looked like a battlefield 4 opening but it turned out to be a plants vs zombies 3D trailer called Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare exclusive on the Xboxs and will be multiplayer in which you walk around as the plants, like what seems like classes in games such as Team Fortress, and you work together to kill zombies in 3rd person.  Popcap studios also announced Peggle 2 andRead More →

Microsoft has learned their lesson today and as soon as it started they had said that they are only going to show games and that is what they had brought out.  I was amazed of all the games that they had shown and surprising there was no kinect.  They did show voice support but they did not use the motion control and they are really trying to integrate smart glass. To open up I was surprised that they opened up with Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain showing that it is now open world and a new generation of stealth and it looked amazing as itRead More →