EA drop Online PASS

EA drop Online PASS
This is a great Victory for gamers, and I hope other companies for example Activsion along with other titles follow suit and take this bold step in removing the restrictions from their titles.
Some may disagree with this, mostly from PC gamers who are locked in with a game and don’t really have the opportunity to trade in titles and I agree with them that restrictions had been around Long before console players were effected as Developers started making serial codes on PC games one use only.
But that is understandable as PC games never really needed a CD to play the game so were much easier to pirate and sell on.
But this isn’t and wasn’t really the case for console games as people (well those who used the Xbox live Service) already subsidized the online access of the game through the a subscription fee which was required to be paid to play any game online through the Microsoft servers, this meant people who bought second hand games were effectively paying extra just to play content which was already on their game but locked out.
and the only way to unlock it was to pay the developers a fee as a Online Pass to play the content.
This is different from the PSN network which is free but effectively subsidized by the PSN+ users and isn’t really profitable and lacks the same security as the Onlive Counterpart.
I can see why EA have dropped this as one way newer titles are sold is when people who enjoy the first title they bought and enjoyed it will more likely go out and buy a game on release then wait for a used copy to come available.
by blocking content they had effectively stifled the chance of the gamer who purchased the used locked copy from even contemplating purchasing a newer title on release then someone who had played the full game.
EA has taken a Bold step by doing this and I would like to say hats down congrats and thank you from the gaming community.
On a side note one thing that the high street game shops were worried about were trade ins of Games as they made most their money from traded in games,
this was strangled by the online pass system as it meant less people really wanted to buy a used game as they had to pay extra money to unlock content,
This is turn made game shop owners having to either cut the prices of used games or provide a initiative for people to purchase used games.
In all I see this as good and bad thing as it will mean game stores can start marking up ridiculously on used games and on the other hand developers having to cut loses again to the used game market.
But as mentioned by taking this Hit and discontinuing the online pass I hope that they see the benefits from people who purchase used games and then go onto buy games on release.
Because it’s a fact when you develop and produce a title which is great then expect people who enjoyed it to go out and support your next title on release.
Again Well Done to EA.