Month: May 2013

Xbox one QA

Not much details have been  released but I did ask for some clarifications Q: currently the news that Microsoft will force gamers to pay a Fee seems to be different from source to source (as in news sites and game […]

Xbox One

Xbox One Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls Microsoft have finally revealed their latest Console the Xbox One Lets look at this console Blu-ray I am personally not shocked at Microsoft caving in and using the hardware of their rival […]

Nintendo, the End of the WII U?

Nintendo, the End of the WII U? So a Few days a ago EA announced that it would not be releasing future titles for the Wii U and it would only be concentrating on consoles which it sees as profitable. […]

EA drop Online PASS

EA drop Online PASS This is a great Victory for gamers, and I hope other companies for example Activsion along with other titles follow suit and take this bold step in removing the restrictions from their titles. Some may disagree […]