Month: March 2013

Bioshock infinite

Welcome to Columbia A far place from Rapture and the previous Bioshock Games. Lets get started You are Booker Dewitt, a former Pinkerton detective who has basically fallen  into the wrong crowd by gambling away his money and has debted […]

Too Little, Too Late- An Examination of Late DLC

Downloadable content (DLC) has been one the most important marketing tools this console generation in order to keep gamers, well gaming. Whether it is map packs, multiplayer, single-player, or something as measly as additional weapons and costumes, DLC  has kept […]

Enchanted Arms

Enchanted Arms. Published by Ubisoft on 08 September 2006 Developed by FromSoftware Inc Platform: Xbox 360 Genre: Role-Playing   I’ve Seen this Before somewhere… The story goes that over a thousand years ago, war broke out. No-One alive today knows […]