Assassins Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3
Well guys less than a month till Assassins Creed 3 will be hitting the shelf’s and this year I am happy to say unlike the previous year’s Ubisoft have gone ahead and allowed players to play campaign mode at Eurogamers expo.
This was a great bonus as it allowed us to truly explore the game play of Assassins creed and test out the new engine of the game.
Previously we were only able to play Multiplayer aspect of the game and it didn’t really give the feel that you want from a new release.
this time around you got to see the new features in action and try them out.
So Thank you for that opportunity
Quick Recap on what Assassins Creed 3 is about,
you are Connor Kenway and you are torn between literally two worlds,
as you fight for what you believe to be the true cause, born into a family of Britain’s and Natives you had to choice which side you want to fight for, of course you picked Liberty and Freedom on the side of the Revolution.
Unlike previous Assassins Creed games where the A.I always seem to take it in turns to attack you, in Assassins creed 3 its more adapted where the A.I will attack together and with the introduction of Rifles a new type of combat system has been introduced,
Meaning you have to think on your feat this time 😉
Meat Shield, when you have a group of men pointing their rifles at you and you really don’t have an option to run, what better way than to grab a soldier and use him to stop the bullets from touching you.
One great thing about this is it means no more running straight into the line of fire but more planned attack where you have to think about how you are going to take on a group of soldiers as fast and most effectively as possible.
Duel welding weapons, come on who doesn’t love this concept in games, only thing that came close to duel welding weapons in Assassins creed has been the two hidden blades but for full on combat their effectiveness wasn’t that great.
allowing Connor to use different weapons allows the user to use different combat methods to take on multiple enemy targets simultaneously and more effectively.
This is my Favourite and everyone will know why
The Hook and the Rope, sit in a tree or a building and go spear fishing for enemy targets as they walk past, throw and winch them up and leave them dangling.
what better way to kill an enemy target?
I Have left the best for Last, Open world got even more open with Conner being able to interact with more of the surroundings, this is notably being able to jump through the woods as this is set during the colonial period where it was mostly settlements and more forests.
This means you are able to climb up more areas then you have been in the previous games as the environment and times has changed considerably.
you get a better feeling for your surroundings as great work has been taken in the detailing from the texture of the environment to hunting wild animals, which I will have to hand to them they did a great job with as there is a large verity of wild animals to interact with.
One great thing about Assassins Creed 3, unlike its predecessors actually has more new features and it’s great to see Ubisoft develop such a great game.