Month: October 2012

Microsoft Intrusion

Microsoft Intrusion So Microsoft have increased their Adverts on the Dash Board by 100%, Microsoft’s new Business Model, we shall shove adverts down your throat even so its annoying as Hell and we know chances are high people will get […]

Onlive Sold for Less than 5Million Dollars

Onlive Sold for Less than 5Million Dollars A while ago I wrote an article about the end of Physical Gaming and the introduction of Digital Distribution and streaming service. The End of Physical Gaming Media? In it I wrote about […]

Assassins Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3 Well guys less than a month till Assassins Creed 3 will be hitting the shelf’s and this year I am happy to say unlike the previous year’s Ubisoft have gone ahead and allowed players to play campaign […]


carmageddon That right boys and girls, its back, carmageddon is on the way back and to all the haters out there who think it was too violent and should be banned Sadly you have failed epically as to popular demand […]

Gamingrev at Eurogamer 2012 trailer

    ¬†Warning Does Contain Flash Photography         Trailer for Upcoming Videos from After attending Eurogamers 2012 we have compiled couple of videos of Interviews with developers and views of Games along with reactions from Fans […]