carmageddon That right boys and girls, its back, carmageddon is on the way back and to all the haters out there who think it was too violent and should be banned Sadly you have failed epically as to popular demand carmageddon has returned into two forms Mobile platform and soon to be console and PC next year. This year I was lucky enough to speak to McDermott from Stainless Games Inc and get this great interview with her, so instead of a long written review here is the video   for more details and how you guys can support such a great game follow theRead More →

     Warning Does Contain Flash Photography         Trailer for Upcoming Videos from After attending Eurogamers 2012 we have compiled couple of videos of Interviews with developers and views of Games along with reactions from Fans who have attended. This is a Sneak Preview of what is to come next week, I hope you guys enjoy this and the Videos that will be uploaded soon as much as we have enjoyed filming them. To show your support Subscribe to this channel to see the latest videos as they are uploaded and join Gamingrev forum where you can share your opinionsRead More →